Kon + Tessa|The Ruby Cora|Traditional Wedding

August 28, 2019

Last weeks blog I told you about a couple who I instantly felt connected with. It seems to be a trend and I will never be able to thank God enough for the couples he has sent to me. This weeks blog is about a couple I feel just as strongly about. My life simply would not be the same if I had not met them or their families.

My first meeting with Kon and Tessa was with them and Tessa’s parents. The conversation we had was about how important the photos are to them. That it was the most important vendor they would be hiring. No pressure right. The crazy thing is they had been referred to me via another photographer. She knew I would be a good fit for them and even though they were inquiring with her as well she wanted them to have the best fit for them. Y’all that is truly community over competition and loving your clients. You see Whitney of Wed by Whitney truly loves her clients the way I love mine. I never want a client to hire me solely on budget. I want them to feel connected so that in the years to come they do not just have beautiful images but a connection to those images. I am a little more loud and definitely hands on when it comes to working with my clients. I can be bossy and a lot of times my clients need someone to reel them and their families in. Funny fact I was praised for keeping Tessa on time. I was told she is never on time. I had to giggle at that. I hope you will follow Whitney on IG and FB and share the love with her that she has shown to me. P.S. If you ever want us both and we can work out our schedules we suggest you choose who is the best fit for your lead photographer and request the other as a second. We are not always to accommodate this request but try our best so that brides can have the very best team.

Sorry, got a little sidetracked. Meeting Kon he was super quiet and I thought he was just a real serious kind of guy. Turns out he is so funny and his a pretty big personality. He just hides it well. He has promised to meet up whenever they are in town so I can hang out with them again. Tessa and I have already met for coffee and chatted all things newlywed and life.

In meeting Tessa’s family I learned that the marriages she has as examples are long lasting and strong. None of those weddings had photographers. Hence the reason it was so important to them to have photographs. To them this was a priceless treasure and an album was most definitely required. The image of Tessa, her Mom Tondi and her Aunt Johnna holding their wedding images will forever be a favorite of mine. They may not have had a photographer but they have a snapshot and the years of a long lasting marriage to help carry Tessa and Kon to a strong and lasting marriage.

When planning your wedding look for inspiration but always remember to keep it focused on you as a couple. Every detail at Kon and Tessa’s wedding was perfection. From her photo wall celebrating the guests who have impacted their lives, the quilt her Mom made as her guest book, down to choosing The Ruby Cora because they felt connected to Marcia. Every detail, every person present and every moment of their day celebrated them and the marriage that has begun. That is the perfect wedding day.


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