Austin + Katie | Forks of Dix River Baptist Church | Southern Wedding

August 21, 2019

Have you ever met someone and just knew they were suppose to be a part of your story. A part of your life. That is how I felt when I met Austin and Katie. They are just a genuine and real as it comes. A love story as beautiful as they come. Not the Disney kind but the real life kind. The kind that truly can stand the test of time and trials in life.

When I arrived at Katie’s family farm for their engagement session I was greeted by her grandaddy who is her very best friend. He is quite the character and I just fell in love with him. He rode the 4 wheeler all over the farm gathering hay string and scouting locations for Katie to take her photos. Pride just beaming from his soul for his girl. Goodness I am sincerely crying tears as i think back on it and the love I felt on the farm that day. The end of their engagement session the whole family was there. Both Katie and Austin’s. I was sent off with a prayer and a large group hug. Oh how my cup overflowed.

Fast forward to wedding day. Everyone worked so hard to get the farm ready for Katie to have her reception at the place that has built who she is. A place that is special to her and Austin both. They both work the land. It may be a house divided on whether John Deere or International is better but for this country girl it was a dream to see such a beautiful love story that country songs can only dream of being about. I am so thankful to be a part of the real, beautiful and simply amazing love stories. Ones where hardships build up the life of the people in them. The love stories where hard work and determination builds the dreams of their lives. Whether it be like a Nicholas Sparks novel or that of a small town love.

So ride away in a carriage or a Peterbilt. Whatever your story be true to who you are. That is my favorite love stories. The ones that showcase who you are. Who you are as a couple and what your story will be for generations to come.


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