Charlie + Allyson | Traditional Church Wedding

July 10, 2019

Let me start this blog by simply saying can we all take a moment to sit down and look through old photographs of our parents and grandparents weddings. Traditional Church Wedding focused on the marriage is something to be inspired by.

When Allyson called me she had one goal in mind. She wanted a wedding like her grandmothers. Nothing elaborate or over the top. A day focused on the marriage and nothing else. She is a Cedar Hill native currently living in Virginia. Planning the wedding from Virginia could have been a little tricky. However, when you are from the cutest little small town ever and rallying the troops is something that comes naturally here it became a task that was more than manageable. Allyson created a wedding day full of tradition, timeless memories and a legacy that generations to come will marvel over when they look through her wedding images. You know the same way that black and white image on the mantle at your grandparents home does.

Grandmothers bible tucked into her bouquet. Ring designed like her grandmothers without even knowing it. Married in the family church. Oh and a dobro played by someone very special to them. P.S. A dobro is now my favorite instrument and should be played at every wedding. Just ever detail was significant and beautiful. All to be followed by a meal at a historic home filled with those they love. A reception that took you back to the days when a wedding was focused on the couple and the marriage that they will have. Oh if you know me at all you know I love the simplest things and life. And I will never be able to express to Charlie and Allyson how grateful I am to have been there to witness their wedding day.


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