Cody + Kristen|Cedar Lake Event Center

September 5, 2019

You plan. You dream and you plan some more. Kristen did just that. She had her ceremony planned in front of a beautiful willow. Oh they are so magical and she couldn’t wait to be standing there in front of the willow saying I do to Cody with their friends and family witnessing them start their marriage. Well, mother nature sometimes does not cooperate. It rained this light drizzly rain all day the day of their wedding. We were all so heartbroken for her. Kristen and Cody however handled it like champs. They smiled and they knew the most important thing was that they were getting married.

The venue they chose is absolutely stunning. The owners/staff were so amazing to work with. Rain or no rain it was the absolute perfect backdrop for Kristen and Cody’s wedding day. It had the beauty and elegance for any southern bride. And just enough touch of outdoors to speak to who Kristen and Cody are.

I am not even sure where to begin on sharing the beauty of the day. I could start with how Kristen’s sister Alexandria made the best maid of honor there is. Creating her bouquet, center pieces and making sure the wedding planning was getting done from start to finish. I could talk about how it was all hands on deck the night before and day of to move the ceremony inside the tent and make it just as beautiful so Kristen could solely focus on being the bride. Oh I could talk about how anxious Cody was to see Kristen and how excited they both were to become one. Or maybe I should talk about all the gorgeous details. From her leopard print boots to showcase her every day style to the beautiful gown that fit her like a glove and she simply glowed wearing it. Maybe just maybe these photos will do what words can not.

P.S. My very favorite weddings to photograph will always be the ones where family is the first priority. They have proven to me to be the ones centered on the couple as they are centered on those they love.


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