Hunter + Alexandra|Traditional Church Wedding

October 2, 2019

Church weddings are making a come back and I could not be more excited about it. Oh as a photographer they can be very tricky to shoot in but they always prove to be so meaningful.

When Alexandria and I met I just adored her. She has the most fun personality and lets face it she was made to be in front of a camera. Hunter is a little more quiet and I think I even asked if he was scared of me with my loud personality. Turns out he thinks I am fun. Yay!

They planned their wedding day to be meaningful and focused on their faith. Having met through their faith both attending an on campus ministry at WKU it was important that it be the focus. God is at the forefront of who they are and what they are building their marriage on. Could you ask for anything more for newlyweds? Being a part of their day showed that they had a wonderful foundation and support system to keep them focused for years to come. Reminding them to keep their eyes on Jesus. Reminding me as a wedding photographer what is most important.

It was just the two of them for the proposal. And I share that because Alexandria told me he was so nervous he forgot to get on one knee so its not valid. Thank goodness she didn’t stick to that. They are a pair that truly balances each other and lifts each other up.


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