Rob + Olivia | Cedars at Carr Farm | Elegance and Tradition

June 5, 2019

Oh how thankful I am for a community of wedding vendors who know the right fit for their brides. Sherri is a long time friend of Rob’s family. And an absolute amazing human being as well as florist. She was kind enough to pass my name along to Rob and Olivia. To say I adored them is an understatement. Their wedding would be one of my dream days. Not only beautiful but a wonderful representation of their family legacies and the legacy to come for them.

Olivia’s Dad would patiently take the time to carve a leather bottle cover to represent one that had been a family heirloom. Olivia’s great great grandparents had a leather carved wine bottle the day of their wedding that would later also be Olivia’s parents wedding anniversary. To hear her Dad tell the story of the meaning of that bottle and the relationships it brought many tears. The meaning of something that can be passed down. And here he created one for Olivia to treasure and pass down to the generations to come.

The groom and groomsmen would wear tobacco knot boutonnieres to represent the heritage and hard work of his grandfather. The grooms cake would show the grooms love of tobacco pipes and tobacco leaves representing the farming legacy his grandfather left behind. The wedding cake itself would be elegantly simple and stunning just as Olivia is. To say this couple was a dream to work with is an understatement. I only pray that I was able to provide them with as much beauty as they have enriched my life with.

So many little moments that you wont understand unless you were there in that moment. A pin gifted to Rob by Olivia with images of those not there with him but certainly not forgotten. Olivia opening a gift that she was certain she knew what it was but Rob took it one step further and thought of what she would want and need. A camera to document their lives together beginning with their honeymoon.

Ending the night kissing in the middle of the room. The same spot where they stood to kiss for their engagement photos. Showing a mark of moments being made and the legacies beginning.


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